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  • What is the Nature Immersion Program?
    The Nature Immersion program is a 12-week program where children ages 4-12 will spend an entire day, once a week, un-busying themselves. During their time at Learning with the Land, children are engaging in the natural world around them, learning with community members, exploring, creating, using tools, building fires and being curious, free-playing children. This program runs for 12 weeks beside the North Country Stables on Hwy 3. Children will sign up for one day a week (either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) for a 12 week period where they will be engaging with the same group of peers and visiting the same natural spaces during this time. Caregivers are responsible for child drop-off and pick-up at North Country Stables. Our hours of operation are 9am-3pm, but please send us a message if you need some flexibility before or after the program times. On our site we will have fresh drinking water, an outhouse, a wash station, and a large Mcpherson wall tent to warm up and dry off in. Every day there will be 2 highly qualified supervisors on site with first aid training. Parents are always welcome to come volunteer!
  • What should my child bring?
    Children are required to bring their own meals for the day, including a reusable water bottle that can withstand a few drops on the rocks! Sunscreen, bug spray, a hat and at least one change of clothes (and shoes if it is wet out) are highly encouraged. Please keep in mind we will be spending our days outside in almost all weather. Please have your child’s name written on all of their gear. During winter months, please send kids with the following: - Face coverings (balaclava) - Neck warmers - Multiple pairs of insulated mitts (not gloves) - Multiple pairs of wool socks - Dress child in base layer, fleece layer, and snowsuit - Warm hat that protects ears and forehead - Insulated boots (bogs and muck boots aren't sufficient below -5 for whole day use; they hold moisture and feet get cold quickly!)
  • What type of training does the staff have?
    After relocating from France to Canada's North, Amandine Galiussi swiftly became a pillar in the Yellowknife community, thanks to her innovative ideas and passion for early childhood education. Her "Learning with the Land" program emphasizes the importance of outdoor physical activity and practical problem-solving for comprehensive child development. Amandine integrates nature into daily learning, with regular woodland walks, seasonally themed interactive games, and activities like visiting farms or engaging with Aboriginal Elders. She believes in fostering a community spirit, involving parents in projects ranging from bird feeder construction to toy collection drives for local hospitals, ensuring children understand values like sharing and cooperation.
  • What kinds of activities do you do?
    Children engage with nature in a variety of ways including nature hikes, plant, insect, fungus identification, fort building, forest games, mud kitchens, tool use, nature crafts and so much more! Learn more about the program, HERE
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Check out our Refund Policy page, HERE to learn more about our Refund Policy.
  • What ages can attend?
    We happily accept explorers ages 4 through 12! Your child must be 4 at the time of attending in addition to being independent at using the washroom and no longer requiring a nap. We understand that all children have diverse needs and develop at their own pace, so if your child is ready at 4 send them! But if you think they would be more successful if you wait a year, we don't plan on going anywhere and we will happily accept them then.
  • When does the summer camp run?
    Learning with the Land Tuesday and Thursdays operates from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. PD Day Programs operate 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM ​ Drop off time is between 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM at the Mildred Hall School Teepee, after which please text or call the cell number that will be provided in the welcome email to ensure we are still on-site, or to arrange a drop off/pick-up at a different time. Pick up is between 4 PM-4:30 PM for PD Days and 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM for Tuesday and Thursdays at the Mildred Hall School Teepee. Over-time fee: A late fee equal to $20 per child shall be incurred at 5-minute intervals for pick-ups later than 5 minutes past the end times (4:05 PM for Tuesdays and Thursdays and 4:35 PM for PD Days). Read more about program details HERE
  • Do I have to sign up for the whole summer program?
    Nope! You can pick and choose your weeks on our registration page to match whatever summer plans or schedule you desire. Weekly cost is $375 or $300 for 4 day weeks (holidays), you will see a total when you check out for all the weeks you've chosen.
  • What are your hours for March Break?
    Our March break camp is located at our tent frame site beside the horse stables on Hwy 3. Our hours are 9am to 3pm with flexibility to pick up by 3:30 at the latest. These hours are slightly shorter than summer camp hours due to colder temperatures.
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